All Blacks

There is one team that is known everywhere throughout the world, and even the individuals who are not inspired by the oval ball by any stretch of the imagination. This is All Blacks, the best group ever of rugby. They are essentially powerful, and, what’s more, advocate imperative qualities, for example, kinship, regard, solidarity, and sportsmanship. Numerous fans could see Grant Fox, Kevin Mealamu and Conrad Smith in Spanish Oviedo, where they got an extraordinary honor. This is the thing that correspondent Cinzia Rizzy of “Euronews” composed when she met these well-known individuals on that intriguing day: “With us here are some previous All Blacks players who have quite recently gotten the Princess of Asturias grant for accomplishments in games. What does this esteemed honor intend to All Blacks?

Give Fox, previous All Blacks player: “This is an extremely esteemed honor and an exceptionally huge one. And afterward they read on the Internet and acknowledged how critical it is. What’s more, for us it is a significant privilege to be a piece of the national group, which has gotten such high acknowledgment in the field of games. They granted the individuals who were in the positions, yet additionally previous players, the individuals who resigned as of late and exceptionally long prior. For instance, I left the amusement numerous years prior. Also, we gladly spoke to our nation. This is an acknowledgment for us all.”

Kevin Mealamu, a previous All Blacks player: “We discussed this yesterday. Rugby was exceedingly refreshing where it was for all intents and purposes not known, where football was most likely significantly more prevalent. What’s more, for us this acknowledgment is critical.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “New Zealand simply won the Rugby Championship multiple times. Two years prior, you were the main nation in history to have won the Webb Ellis Cup. What is the mystery of your prosperity?”

Concede Fox, previous All Blacks player:  “To be completely forthright, there is no mystery. There is just diligent work. We are fortunate, in light of the fact that we have a capable organization. You know, guardians are associated with rugby with kids. This game is famous in schools. What’s more, we have an extraordinary structure of choice and rivalry. We are fit as a fiddle. We have incredible mentors and camaraderie most importantly. A group is everything. No competitor can put his own advantages first.”

Konrad Smith, previous All Blacks player: “You know, I regularly let myself know, however the All Blacks have constantly spoken to New Zealand. I don’t assume that many can say so about their groups. Furthermore, you know, we – All Blacks – are multicultural. On the off chance that you glance back at the piece of each group previously – somebody lived on a homestead, somebody in the city. Furthermore, the group is a sort of junction where diverse societies meet. Everybody who watches the All Blacks amusement feels that this group is our own. This is an exceptional commitment. That is the reason the All Blacks speak to their kin so well, and rugby assumes such a unique job. I think now you comprehend why.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “Why, as you would like to think, All Blacks are so well known on the planet, even among the individuals who are not from New Zealand and rugby isn’t at all partial to. What do these individuals share for all intents and purpose with your group?”

Concede Fox, previous All Blacks player: “I imagine that our group isn’t just an account of a decent diversion. You know, we perform well by and large. Be that as it may, we don’t win everyone consecutively, as previously, some of the time we lose, in spite of the fact that not all that frequently right now … I think part about the achievement lies in this, yet in addition how the group carries on has its impact. For us, pride and solidarity mean a great deal. What’s more, there is regard – our own and us. There are fans, the press and the alleged resistance. What’s more, we show regard to all. We are unassuming. We don’t assume that we are not quite the same as different occupants of the nation. We were simply fortunate, we can play rugby well, at the most elevated amount, yet else we are totally equivalent to the rest, the individuals who do their work each day.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “As you stated, regard is one of the watchwords in the rugby world. Not all that frequently we see this in different games, for example, football, for instance. What is the reason you think?”

Konrad Smith, a previous All Blacks player: “You know, possibly on the grounds that we are experiencing childhood in New Zealand with this: you have to demonstrate regard, be it an old individual or a mentor or your dad, or perhaps your companion’s father. I don’t recall that we were encouraged this amid preparing. You regard all individuals and this is persisted to a brandishing vocation. This is one of the inborn characteristics of our game, and it isn’t altogether clear where it originates from, that this one of a kind occasion turns out to be clear when you perceive how things are in different games. So your inquiry is entangled. Regard is something that we grew up with.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “An injury winds up one of the issues of rugby. What would you be able to do to have any kind of effect?”

Kevin Mealamu, a previous All Blacks player: “We are discussing this at home and attempting to ensure security against blackout. Also, obviously, we are discussing able coaches who had the capacity to show the new age of rugby players the right procedure of the amusement. On the off chance that the gear shows signs of improvement, we can lessen the hazard. All things considered, then again, you have to focus on the side effects, on the off chance that it turned out to be evident that the individual gotten a blackout, you should initially support him. Player wellbeing is essential.”

Give Fox, previous All Blacks player: “Rugby is certifiably not quite a while, you know, and afterward you have as long as you can remember. We need to play so as to keep up wellbeing however much as could be expected at the exit.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “Do you view the All Blacks as the top picks of the following World Cup in two years in Japan? Is there any individual who can snatch your third title of victors?”

Give Fox, previous All Blacks player: “Obviously, we will go there and be among the top picks on the off chance that we remain fit as a fiddle, since we won it multiple times consecutively. So the likelihood is high. We go to most big showdowns as top picks. In any case, to win there is troublesome. What’s more, if the top picks won constantly, we would be always champions. In any case, this isn’t valid. This is an intense competition. There are exceptionally solid adversaries, as I would like to think presently there are an ever increasing number of groups fit for winning the World Championship. Britain, Australia, South Africa, France, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, they are showing signs of improvement … Argentina … There are a sure number of groups that go to an abnormal state. Furthermore, the challenge is high. So who knows … In 2019 in Japan there will be solid groups to perform.”

Cinzia Rizzi, “Euronews”: “Well, toward the finish of the meeting, let me know, what is the significance of the hack for the All Blacks player?”

Kevin Mealamu, a previous All Blacks player: “Maybe this esteem is for everybody. My first memory … I looked like in 87 at the World Cup, our group played out the hack, Foxy was in that lineup. Furthermore, I took a gander at my most loved players … And after that I felt an exceptionally solid association and contribution in what’s going on. Indeed, at that point, when I turned out to be a piece of All Blacks myself, it went to a comprehension of what this implies, for us and for the nation. Furthermore, obviously we have to do this great. And all isn’t going on at the same time, we put all the power and vitality into the execution of khaki, we are altogether associated and we feel it with our entire nature….”

All Blacks – the best rugby team of all time!

All Blacks have repeatedly proved that they are the best. They did what no one else did. No one won the world championship twice in a row and did not become a champion three times, but they succeeded. The population of New Zealand is 4.5 million people, but this country managed to assemble a team, whose winning percentage in the whole history is more than 75%, which is higher than any other national team or team in any sport.

Haka is the awesome All Blacks weapon

All who consider themselves involved in rugby know this treasured four-letter word. The strongest team of all time – the team of New Zealand, performs its ritual dance before each match, inspiring fans and frightening enemies. So, we tell what Haka is.

Ritual dance

Haka is a Maori ritual dance (the indigenous people of New Zealand), accompanied by stomping feet, striking the thighs and chest with palms, and shouting. For the New Zealanders themselves, Haka is much more than just a gesture. This is a whole composition consisting of dance and song, and in the role of the orchestra are different parts of the body. A separate role is assigned to the eyes and tongue. It is the movement of these organs that determines the quality of dance performance. Interestingly, women sticking tongues is prohibited. Haka always has a lead. He is the only one who is on his feet for the most part of the whole action and shouts out the words of the song, which all the other participants repeat in unison.

Each tribe has its own Haka. The version that this is only a combat dance is incorrect. In New Zealand, there are different hacks: from the welcome, to the funeral. Dance is performed before a fight, sports matches or even a wedding.

Haka in rugby

For the first time Haka before the rugby match was played in 1888 by the team of Australasia (the combined team of New Zealand and Australia) before the meeting against Great Britain. New Zealand rugby team appeared a little later, in 1892. However, the nickname “All Blacks” received only in 1905. The newspaper “Daily Mail”, after the defeat by New Zealanders of one of the English clubs, nicknamed the All Blacks team because of its completely black form. During that same European tour, the Maori performed “Ka Mate”, which became the hallmark of the New Zealand rugby players.

Meaning of Haka

According to the legend, Haka “I die” (Ka Mate) was invented by Te Rauparaha – the head of the Ngati Toa tribe. Fleeing from enemies, the leader hid in a hole, but when he heard the noise above the shelter, he began to say goodbye to life. When the lid of the pit was removed, Te Rauparaha saw another leader, Te Vareangi (literally “hairy”) from a neighboring tribe. The Haka “I die” describes the cult of the sun, dawn, the cyclical alternation of day and night, life and death. It is important to know that hack is performed exclusively by New Zealanders. Samoa, Tonga and Fiji teams have their own dances, distinguished by words, movement and meaning. All Blacks also occasionally show another dance called Kapa O Pango.

Summing up, we can say that the national pride of New Zealand is the All Blacks, the country’s national rugby team. These guys are not afraid of anything and just with their eyes they inspire fear in their opponents. A special feature of the “All Blacks” is that each match the rugby team begins with the dance of the ethnic people of the country – Maori.